Meeting Minutes

AG Public School -Licenses fees for Public School 600.00, Allen Surveying -Norma Jean Property 1,200.00, Ashland Disposal- 51.00, Better Homes & Garden- Library 18.98, C&S Hardware- supplies 194.34, Cass County Sheriff -monthly fee 800.00, Chm Computer Services- fire dept 340.00, city of Ashland Library -conference 114.19, Columbus Telegram- Newspaper 74.05, Constellation -gas supply 13.20, Cook's- library 24.95, CS Concrete Street -Repair 217.60, Dutton Lainson Comp- port connectors & windows 436.23, Emergency Medical Products -EMS supplies 186.97, EMS Billing Service- payment 63.48, Fiala Truck Repair- repair maintenance 1,020.92, Husker Electric Supply -High Output lights 4,156.50, Image Trend- NFIRS annual fee 250.00,Jeo Consulting Group- comp plan 1,000.00, Karen Frank- mileage for conference 165.76, Mark Sobota- desk water and candy 236.19, Midwest Farmers Coop- fuel-diesel 499.82 Municipal Supply Inc-Pl Lid 33.51, Nebraska Medicine- Med Director 375.00,NMC Exchage- handle as 46.61, One Call Concepts Inc- Digger 10.20, OPPD- power & weekend outage 27,977.49, People Service Inc- Nov and Overcap 10,780.00, Physio-Control Inc- equipment 10,854.20, Reimers Kaufman- concrete 784.40, Rembolt Ludtke- fire by laws board change 2,304.00, Ricoh Usa Inc -copies &copier 169.61, Rodriguez Acoustical- Ceiling tiles 3,300.00, US Cellular -rescue phone 68.95, total 68,368.15


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