Meeting Minutes

Village of Greenwood

Board of Trustees Meeting

September 27, 2017

The Greenwood Village Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at the E.L. McDonald Community Center. Present were trustees Jim Wrich, Kevin Gerlach, Larry Meyer, Megan Piehl and Matt Starr. Minutes by Clerk/Treasurer Marcia Fiala. Notice of the meeting was posted in three public places (the Post Office, the community center and bulletin board in front of Clerk’s Office.) A copy of the proof of publication, as well as the Chairman and Trustees’ acknowledgement of receipt of notice, are on file. Proceedings hereafter noted were taken while the meeting was open to the public.

Call to Order

Wrich called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and publicly stated to all in attendance that a current copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act and a copy of all documents being discussed at the meeting were available for inspection and indicated the location of such copies in the room where the meeting was being held.

Roll Call

Wrich called each board member by name Meyer, Piehl, Gerlach and Starr were present

Consent agenda

Wrich stated that you only have interstate concrete you only have a 45 minutes window but with standard concrete you have a little more time.

Piehl asked about the $2100.00 for electrical wire. Fiala stated that she questioned Fergus due to Jason name being on it and Jason has been out of town. Jim asked what the dollar amount is to be approved by 3 board members. Piehl made a motion to approve the consent agenda to pay with the exception as already mentioned of Dutton Lainson until it is found out about how this purchase was approved Starr seconded

Aye – Gerlach, Piehl, Starr and Wrich      Nay -no      Abstain - Meyer      motion carried

Communication of Citizens:

Les Krings filed a complaint for the board members to review

Virginia Hergenrader spoke about the water leaking in to their basement and contacted Ron Gerlach as to who they should contact. They got in contact with Kevin Gerlach while he was working on getting it checked. Hergenrader’s had Dietze’s from Waverly. They had the water shut off in order to fix the plumbing in their house and it was half full of mud and it is not something in there to look at. She is asking for reimbursement of $1000.00 should have been paid and it was way over the shut off. Fergus stated that the town should have had a chance. Fergus stated they were in the maintenance building and no one contacted them. Fergus stated they were never called but prior to they had been told by Mr. Hergenrader had already tried to fix it. She asked that on the phone bill be put on there. Meyer stated that we cannot vote on it tonight and it will be put on the next agenda.

Current Business:

Wrich made a motion to open a public hearing at 7:16 pm seconded by Gerlach

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Wrich, Gerlach and Starr      Nay - none      Motion carried

Jeff Ray with JEO consulting group spoke about the comp plan and the grant that was received. Guidance office that reflects the 20- year plan. Recreation, housing and what can we really do.

Ray spoke about the goals, policies and budgets for the next year and where the funds are best utilized. The village board needs to learn this plan and follow it for the growth of the community. The village is on a steady increase over the last several years.

Ray spoke about commuting and the percentage that work out of town, 85% of the workforce commute outside of the village from 30 minutes t0 23 min. household income for the village $50000 is the same as the state average. Ray feels we are well balanced. He spoke about the flood plains, train tracks, highway and the easements such as the Lincoln water line being constant concerns.

Ray feels the village has done a good job at keeping any deplorable properties to a minimum. This is visible that the village takes pride in their area.

The plan shows what areas would be good for growth and weaknesses of the village. Where commercial and industrial would be good for growth

Meyer did not realize that the comprehensive plan also has to do with the state funding. Ray stated that the One and Six-year plan is being approved by Planning and Zoning as well as the village board. All of it works together. Wrich asked if there were any other question

Meyer made a motion to approve the comp plan on September 27, 2017 as shown in front them seconded by Piehl

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Starr, Gerlach and Wrich      Nay- none      Motion carried

Wrich made a motion close the comp plan 7:34 seconded by Meyer

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Starr, Gerlach and Wrich      Nay- none     Motion carried

Wrich made a motion to open the public hearing for the zoning ordinance at 7:34 pm seconded by Meyer

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Starr, Gerlach and Wrich      Nay- none       Motion carried

Jeff Ray with JEO Zoning ordinance has been updated and add definition staying in the same rule and regulations as before but with quite a few updates. Flood plan was added in to be in compliance with FEMA and tele communication towers

Ray spoke about the adult entertainment has the right to move into any area but they have to stay 1000 ft. from parks, alcohol establishments and school zones and a whole section to protect the village put industrial added graphics. Commercial buffer against residential. Gerlach thinks there have was also a barrier between industrial and commercial also but Ray was not aware of it. There is a portion about an airport, there is no plan for one due to the location between Omaha and Lincoln. Need to talk with the attorney about the ordinance passed last year prohibiting.

There were a couple of conflict with legal no conforming it does time they need to go away.

There difference is the size of the setback R-1 and R-2 72 sq. ft. and in duplex and size of lots R-1 in 60” R-1 60% and R-2 70% which is found pages 60 and 61 of the Zoning ordinances packet

Nancy asked that the make the amendment from 900 to 1200 and typos to the Village of Greenwood. Ray will make the amendment of the square footage and reference to other towns be changed.

Wrich made a motion at 7:49 to close the zoning ordinance approval seconded by Piehl

Aye – Gerlach, Starr, Meyer, Piehl and Wrich      Nay – none      Motion carried

Wrich made a motion to approve the zoning ordinance make corrections on the house dwelling from 900 to 1200 square ft. and all correction to all cities to greenwood seconded by Piehl

Aye – Gerlach, Starr, Meyer, Piehl and Wrich      Nay – none      Motion carried

Wrich made a motion to open at 7:50 subdivision ordinance seconded by Meyer

Aye – Gerlach, Starr, Meyer, Piehl and Wrich       Nay – none      Motion carried

How you divide the land to minor and major subdivision and they order that need to be done. Pg. 29 section 709 change to read that it can go underground as it currently states will not go underground

Pg. 30 section 710-3 sub section B curb and gutter drainage shall be installed, Ray explained that this is for the future of any housing developments.

Gerlach asked if there was anything in there for as a subdivision for walkways or crosswalks. Ray stated that would be better under the one and six plans

Wrich made a motion at 7:56 to close seconded by Starr

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Starr, Gerlach and Wrich      Nay – none       Motion carried

Approve the pg. 29 section 709 the last sentence removing the word not seconded by Meyer

Aye – Gerlach, Starr, Meyer, Piehl and Wrich      Nay – none      Motion carried

Maintenance Report

Fergus spoke about rear tires for the backhoe of $331 and Goodyear are $500 per tire. Fergus stated you can order them through the Co-op. Front are good for 3 or 4 more years

Goodyear currently Meyer asked about getting the price of tire and maybe 2-4 for tires and some type of documentation. One or three board members look at them. Get a quote from Co-op, Graham, Bauer Built, Walker tire Cross Dillon table to the next meeting with 3 bids

Cell phone increase as Fergus tries not to be in the office but he would like to jump it to $40 and as things are going up so has his phone cost or a new phone for $150.00 and the company that Piehl works for pays her for calls, she doesn’t think 40 is unreasonable. Gerlach has no problem increasing to $40.00. Fiala spoke about all the pictures he sends per week to just the office.

Wrich made a motion to increase the phone for monthly allowance for Zach effective the first of October seconded by Gerlach

Aye – Gerlach, Starr, Meyer, Piehl and Wrich      Nay – none      Motion carried

Fergus spoke about doing some asphalt patch training for the town. Zach would like to go to Waverly for training so he can bring that back here. Starr would be interested in going also. He can go to observe and will try and give a couple of days’ notice.

Fergus stated his annual review and maybe the beginning of next week for Zach and also Jason. The personnel committee is going to try to meet with them.

Discuss as to how much mowing should be done. As Fergus stated he was told not to mow the park until told to. Wrich stated there are only a few weeks of soccer left and the park should be kept short for the children. After that and into next year they mowing can be addressed but let just finish out this year. This includes the ditches being done bi weekly. Wrich stated the board needs to know the major things not the minor ones. Clerk should know when the maintenance guys leave town but not a minute by minute plan.

Meyer spoke about the big goals for the infrastructure of the village and how we are going to have to save money to make major improvement to streets, drainage and electric. All improvements are in the comprehensive plan. Stewart Wages are divided up between each area. Starr is talking about micro managing and share our knowledge. There are things in this comp plan and a team concept.

Current business

Piehl spoke about an additional electrician for a backup plan and doesn’t want to pay out expense of OPPD it cost us a fortune. Meyer spoke about selling the electric and Jason will be the first call or on bigger project he may need additional help. LES will not come here. Watts were the only ones interested and we will not do a contract with them. Wrich thinks we should run an ad or talk to Jason about a secondary person.

The village is conducting water audit. Karen Frank has offered to help with the audit. Starr thinks it would be a good idea. Starr asked if it will be put on the village invoice. Meter audits that and Zach would like to update the map with all of the shut offs at the same time.

The employee handbook when it is complete all employees will sign release that they have reviewed and will be in the file. Meyer would like to look at the employee job description from the black book to make sure all is uniform. and since this was reviewed in June. Starr has updated all of the OSHA requirements. Piehl asked about a half hour lunch as opposed to an hour lunch.

Tabled to the next meeting.

We need to change committees around as Wrich cannot just take over Criswell’s committees as she was on the fire department and Wrich cannot by on the fire dept. Wrich will be taking water and sewer while Meyer will take over fire.

This was suggested by Cass County that the Village of Greenwood Board of adjustment. This board is to be one person from planning and zoning and 4 other citizens not on any other board. The purpose is to give citizens a place to go if they do not feel like they get due process with any of the other committees or boards.

Spoke about the permit for Wild Willy as at a prior meeting it the permit had been changed from $150.00 to $500.00 but Wild Willy had asked for the permit before the cost of this permit changed. The board is in agreement that it should be honored at the $150.00 due to timing.

Wrich made a motion to approve wild willy New Year’s Eve permit and presented.

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Starr, Gerlach and Wrich      Nay – none      Motion carried

Resolution 17-4 signatory approval for banks give Wrich permission to sign checks

Meyer made a motion to adopt resolution 17-4 Piehl seconded

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Starr, Gerlach and Wrich      Nay – none     Motion carried

Elliott spoke about adding accounts payable to the website.

Maintenance breakdown where the office is Alvo has offered they jetter to clean out

Electrical short in the park will take about 4 hours to repair and it blew the fuse at alleys

Wrich made a motion to agenda the meeting seconded by Piehl

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Starr, Gerlach and Wrich    Nay – none      Motion carried   

Wrich adjourned the meeting at 9:05


Marcia Fiala, Village Clerk/Treasurer


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