Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes:

Call to order 1330.

Roll Call:

Michelle C., Larry M., Matt S., Kevin G.

Planning Commision Members:

Jeff H., Ron Gerlach

Discussion on permits:

Michelle proposed use of building permit sample from Lincoln, NE.

Jeff H. suggesting surveys of properties due to maps bieng incorrect.

Larry mentioned West side of town seems to be in order.

Ron stated that a letter of requirments for Village of Greenwood for any one that is moving into town.(Requirements, enforcement of local ordinances)

Jeff stated making sure Board of Health is active an getting tow company under contrat to remove nuscienc vehicles.

Matt arrived 1422.

Jeff stated that we need to add a pre-approval status of permits. Kevin mentioned that current software may have already solve this just needs to be implemented.

Jeff mentioned Nebraska planneing and zoning commision. Possible to join or are we already members.

Topic of conditional use permits were noted from letter sent by Cass county zoning addmin.

Ron mentionen that if building permit is sent to the county than it should be left to the county.

Pool permit was brought up by Michelle.

Pool/hot tub fees: Are people still getting billed?

Jeff H. Update Pool permits to meet current code/building requiremnts.

Michelle brought up the topic of updating the zoning maps. Kevin stated that the GIS program we are paying for should be the tool lthat is being used rathe then paper maps.

Jeff suggested we utilze GIS to update current zoning maps by splitting the village into quarters and update each seperately. He then metioned the Comp plan and the set backs that have happened during the grant process that is currently in motion.

Jeff H. Subject of the Planning Commision filing cabinet. Who should have access, is it part of the freedom of information act documents?

Kevin mentioned that if poosibe to have other paid emplyees, such as librarian scan documents into electronic copy for easier records management.

Jeff H. brought up topic of "Administrative Subdivision". need to clsrify closing of possible loop hole if allowed by state statue. Confer with legal council.

Michelle, clarification of permit dicrepencies and denials. Kevin mentioned curent swoft ware should resolve this soon as implemented.

Jeff and Matt both mentioned about trying to get major nuscience violators identified and get resolved.

Ron stated meet violators face to face rather then send letter after letter and problem continues.

Michelle, motion to ajouorn 1538. Larry Second. Larry, Matt, Kevin -Aye Motion Carried.


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