Meeting Minutes

Village of Greenwood

Board of Trustees Meeting

April 12, 2017

The Greenwood Village Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, April 12, 2017, at the E.L. McDonald Community Center. Present were trustees Michelle Criswell, Kevin Gerlach, Larry Meyer, Megan Piehl and Matt Starr. Minutes by Clerk/Treasurer Marcia Fiala. Notice of the meeting was posted in three public places (the Post Office, the community center and bulletin board in front of Clerk’s Office.) A copy of the proof of publication, as well as the Chairman and Trustees’ acknowledgement of receipt of notice, are on file. Proceedings hereafter noted were taken while the meeting was open to the public.

Call to Order

Chair Criswell called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and publicly stated to all in attendance that a current copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act and a copy of all documents being discussed at the meeting were available for inspection and indicated the location of such copies in the room where the meeting was being held.

Roll Call

Fiala called each board member by name Meyer, Piehl, Criswell, Gerlach and Starr were present.

Consent agenda

Minutes 3/29/17 and 3/31/17 claims and time cards

Meyer made motion to approve the consent agenda to include the financial report for 4/12/17, Seconded by Criswell

Aye – all      Nay – none      Motion carried

Sheriff Report:

Six call for the month 2 citations and 4 warnings. Criswell spoke about the ATV speeding around town and the sheriff will watch for them to be speeding. The sheriff stated they are to run by the law. They can be cited for not having a permit which is under the village ordinance.

Communication of Citizens:

No response from anyone

New Business:

Joel Stewart spoke about his concerns about the water pressure if the village taps into Scheel’s 2”water line. Piehl spoke about there being a 60 psi in town and that the state only requires 20 psi for run properly. She believes that the village plans on tapping in to the 4” water main not the 2” line. Ahlman asked if there was a fire hydrant there and Meyer to Ahlman the village is in compliance. Meyer spoke about a 6” main and from 6th and Pleasant down to Grand down to 1st and Grand. There are a lot of house on that line and no problem. Fiala spoke that People Service will tap into the 4” main and run a 2” line to Stewart’s property. The line will run down the street on the west side of the road as the east side has so many other lines that will interfere. Fiala told Stewart that the village will provide him adequate water. Stewart had heard that was not the plan.

Roger Dennis has asked to be on the agenda but did not have time to get the work complete.

Criswell spoke about clean up days will be June 10th. Criswell is looking for a company to take tv and florescent light bulbs. Fiala stated that Nancy Elliott had told her there was a company to that the boy scouts in Ashland used to that took tires and Fiala will find out who it was. Criswell asked if any other board member would be interested in checking with Midwest Coop that former board member Swenson had done this in the past for free. Meyer stated he will check and that the tires have to be off the rim. Starr asked about junk cars. Gerlach stated he had been getting free car from the junk yard but Criswell would like them to take the car in Greenwood not from them. Criswell spoke about the silent auction being done at the same time of all of the surplus owned by the village. Talked about using the grass area for the auction items but need to check with the coop. Meyer thinks it should be a yearly deal on the 2nd Saturday of June each year. This had been a big hit to the community. Criswell spoke about how nice it is to see the board members out and helping. They talked about a solution for junk cars. Criswell stated this would have to be someone’s project.

Old Business:

Criswell spoke that the maintenance worker is confused who they are supposed to report to. All board members are supposed to report to.


Fiala stated there have been some concerns about mowing the village right away. The village owns the right of way and it was agreed to mow around the street lights on Church Road. Meyer would like to see it in writing.

Starr asked about Line’s property and it now has asbestos.

Starr also asked about the village logo and nothing at this point. Fiala agreed to contact the school.

Fred Starr stated they have removed the garage at 33 Pine

Criswell made a motion to adjorn seconded by Gerlach

Aye – all      Nay – none      Motion carried

Criswell adjourned at 7:35 pm


Marcia Fiala, Village Clerk/Treasurer


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