Meeting Minutes


March 20, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Notice is hereby given that a Meeting of the Greenwood Park & Recreation commission was held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, March 20, 2017. Said meeting was open and the public was encouraged to attend. The Parks and Recreation Commission reserved the right to adjourn to Executive Session per State Statute 84-1410. The open meetings act was posted in the Community Center meeting room for the public to view.

Voting members present: Ryan Boggs, Jeremey Dickes, Jim Swenson and Kim Thomason

Voting members absent: Matt Holsten, Mike Johnson, Luke Sobota

Non-member present: Michelle Criswell, Megan Piehl, Jason Nichelson

Ryan made a motion to approve the minutes from January 16, 2017. Jim seconded it. Approved as presented.

Old Business

a. 501(c )(3) Tax ID *

Jim explained the idea to the guests. We are looking to work with Ashland Area Foundation. *

No progress

b. Park Flag Poles

* Jim explained the vision to the guests.

* He will bring some magazines so we can see options.

* Check out All Flags (Omaha) website.

c. Greenwood Fun Day 2017

* Set for August 19

* Car Show

o Michelle Advertised the car show in the Nebraska and Iowa Car Council Book. She has been working with Don Wiles.

o Need sponsors

o Ask Ashland Gazette to include a story

o Need dash plaques

o Ask for donations to P&R

o Approached Kevin Gerlach about music during the show

o Ask Greenwood residents to vote. “Resident favorite” car.

o Cars to drive around the community.

o Registration 7 am and car show until maybe noon

* Jason Nichelson presented his idea for a 5K run around Greenwood. He is willing to coordinate it

. o Need t-shirts, sponsors, water, etc.

o Check in at 7 am and the run probably lasting an hour or less

o End at car show area

o Ask if Christian Church will do pancakes again and see if they’ll do them on Main Street *

Time to approach Christine about National Guard

* Jim to look at beer garden.

* Ask Round the Bend to do dinner. They have indicated they might be interested.

* Offer lunch to local groups who indicated a desire last year.

* Kim to start 2017 project plan

d. Next Steps for Park improvements

* It was muddy but it has been seeded.

* Playground

o Playground surfacing coming soon

. o Had 2 complaints about the playground.

* Complaint that one ladder was on backwards. Jim confirmed that it is correct.

* Complaint about one slide. Many kids reported getting scratched. Company looked into it and couldn’t find a problem.

o Lots of good feedback ab out the playground. Kids using it

. o Our playground is featured in the opening page of Crouch Recreation.

o Eric Crouch will try to be here for Greenwood Fun Day.

* Larry Meyers suggested that Greenwood build a Gazebo. We liked that idea. Fundraising?

* A Waverly group has been using the ballfield and has been doing some work on the field.

o Want to continue with ballfield improvements including building a roof on each dugout. Money remaining from Eagle project to help.

* Suggestion for building a composting area at the landfill.

o Need to monitor it so people do not dispose of trash

o Discussed pricing. Use Ashland’s pricing structure as a model?

* There is money for a bench and tree at the playground in memory of McKenna Smith.

* Each time the village cuts down a tree on public land, they will replace it with a new tree in the park.

New Business

a. Membership-Ryan announced that he will resign when he leaves for college in the fall.

Next meeting April 17, 2017 at 7:00.



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